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Once in a lecture, the professor asked the students- “What is luxury?”. One student replied -“Having Rolls Royce in the Garage.” The professor smiled. Another stated “Being mentally, physically & emotionally healthy.” The professor elates.

Then from somewhere from the last benches comes a voice announcing” Getting what you could never have.” The professor looks startled and abruptly hollers- “Bang On!!!” It’s true, isn’t it? Luxury is a subjective term, and so is what an individual yearns.

The changing phases of life also change the definition of luxury, just like the current pandemic did. For most of us, luxury is even having a cup of coffee with an old pal in our favourite cafe.

For “work from home” employees, the new post-pandemic luxury feature is space. After months of being cloistered in homes, people are craving for ample living space, outdoor space, greenery and additional palatial amenities.

The “location” factor seems to be missing. People expect the properties to have proper ventilation and transparency on the processes.

The dimension and spatial arrangements for the house affect one’s internal state as well. The mayhem outside creates mayhem inside.

People’s psychology depends upon the living area

According to psychologists “Empathy promotes helping behaviours. If you feel empathetic towards other people, you are more likely to engage in cooperative behaviours with them & it reciprocates.

They are also more likely to help you when they experience Empathy.” In such adverse moments, the real estate providers out to be empathetic towards addressing the concerns and worries of the customer.

This business is no longer a win-lose situation. The builders have to think about a win-win situation just like Greenmark Developers, a construction company that builds luxury 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in Gachibowli-Tellapur, Hyderabad is doing.

The company is involved in a plethora of 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in Gachibowli-Tellapur, Hyderabad. Known for providing luxurious & lifestyle-enhancing features the company is well- known for a blend of world-class amenities, Vastu compliance and lavish greenery.

What makes them different is the ethos they crusade with. The company does not believe in raking in by harming nature; the natural wealth land is gifted with. To take care of it, they approach differently by possessing ‘ Resource Management’ as a preliminary focus.

Sustainability lies at the heart of that ethos. They don’t believe in advertising but instead educating their customers on what they are offering A salient one among all of the company’s executed projects is Mayfair Apartments, that comprise of luxury 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments in Gachibowli-Tellapur

Venture in 27 Acres with 208 Homes

A commune of 27 acres harbouring 208 homes is stretched across the bed of greenery breathing in a pollution-free environment.

The amenities are unparalleled such as No Smoking zone, washer and dryer, Wheelchair Friendly, Pet Friendly, Home Theater and basketball court, including the obvious ones like swimming pool, airconditioned and basketball court. The township of luxury flats in Gachibowli area feel like bliss.

By keeping transparency by completing the project to a certain extent before launching it for prospective customers.

With the prolonged vulnerabilities of the investments options, investors are looking for safe & wealth defensive strategies and putting in money for safe heaven feels the most reliable options for everyone, including the dwellers of Mayfair Apartments. The residents are happy to have chosen the edifice.